Express to impress with these Kumar Sanu's Love tracks

8 Kumar Sanu’s Songs When You Start Crushing On Someone

There are numerous ways of trying and impressing your crush. Have you tried everything possible? Does nothing seem to work? Why not do something that is not just very subtle but simple and easy as well? All you need to do is try and shoot your chance with some right playlist.

There are several songs that you can sing or dedicate to your crush. But you need to have the perfect one that will give them not just butterflies in their stomach but on the contrary a whole zoo. These songs will provide hints and scream, “I LOVE YOU” to your crush louder than anything else.

There is no better way to impress your crush than to express your feelings through some cheesy lyrics. Because when your words fall short, music will jump in to save your day like a savior. So why not make Kumar Sanu’s tracks your day saver? You don’t have to worry; we have taken care of it and made a perfect playlist that would go on with your feelings.

Best Kumar Sanu’s tracks to express your love to your crush and win them over.

Raah Main Usne Mulaqat Ho Gayi

Teri Mohabbat Ne Dil Mein

Samhala Hai Maine

Adaye Bhi Hai

Choom Loo Hont Tere

Aankhon Mein Neende

Chori Chori Jab Najre

Tere Dar Pe Sanam

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