Two divas, different and distinct voices but surely have the heart of millions. Alka Yagnik or Asha Bhosle, vote for your favorite

Alka Yagnik VS Asha Bhosle: Who is Your Favorite Female Lead Singer?

The two amazing singers in the music industry are both considered to be divas in their genres. Alka Yagnik, as well as Asha Bhosle, both are the greatest vocalists in the industry.

Alka Yagnik is more towards romantic and has warmth in her voice. She is the voice to have given a few of the most amazing tracks that got popular worldwide. Being a lead female singer, she holds power in her voice. She is perfect for expressing the emotions through her voice. A few of Alka Yagnik’s iconic songs include songs like Ek Do Teen, Taal Se Taal, and hundreds of others, rendering her with the queen of lead female singers.

Asha Bhosle though, majorly known to be the sister of Lata Mangeshkar, has created an identity of her own with her distinctive voice. She is called the bad girl in the music industry for her seducing vocals she aces in. However, she is most versatile at singing high voltage classics as well as seductive numbers. Her voice is truly iconic, and no one could have recreated her songs perfectly the way she sings. One of the iconic examples is Intaha Ho Gayi, O Mere Sona Re, and many others.

Who do you prefer to be the leading lady singer in the music industry? Alka Yagnik or Asha Bhosle. Vote Now.

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