Start grooving to these Blackpink songs already!

Blackpink Songs That Make You Groove

Blackpink is one of the most popular South Korean music bands, the band is quite famous and adored by the people, all across the world. Their songs are quite popular and are extremely catchy to hear. Here we have lined up some of their best grooving songs! Have a look!

“How You Like That” and the title already proves enough, how spectacular it will be to choose to groove and move. The song is extremely catchy and rocking to hear. We loved the lyrics and how the Blackpink girls moved and grooved together in the song. The video has gotten over 450million views so far now, and it’s been released last month only! So, if you haven’t yet watched it, make sure you do!

“Boombayah” the song is lit, absolutely mind refreshing and gives you the instant spark to move along with it. The lyrics are great, and the girls are spectacularly making the song hit AF! We are loving the effects and colour inputs in the music video. Check if you haven’t yet!

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