Emiway uses his rap to spread awareness about Corona through his song

Check Out! Emiway Bantai’s Song On Corona

Emiway Bantai is the most influential and famous rapper in the industry who has won the hearts of millions with his Hindi raps with trendy and catchy remarks. And this time, he has made a song concerning the ongoing pandemic Coronavirus. He Coronavirusack Khatam Karona.

When Khatam Karona was uploaded on YouTube, it became instantly hit the track and went directly to the trending section. Presently, it has about 8 million views. In the melody, Emiway is seen singing and talking about the ongoing issue and how people should follow the guidelines and maintain social distancing to stay safe. He also urges people to follow the lockdown.

In the three minutes of the video, Emiway also highlights speech made by the Prime Minister to match the lyrics of the song. He also tried to give a message to the crowds that this situation is nothing but the karma of humans for being unconcerned about nature.

The people very well received the track, and many people also took to Twitter to share their compliments on the song. The song has proved to be both enlightening as well as entertaining.

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