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Choose the most famous rapper in India to have won the hearts of masses between Emiway Bantai and Honey Singh

Emiway Bantai VS Honey Singh: Who Is The Most Famous Rapper?

Inspired by rapper Eminem and Lil Wayne, Bilal Shaikh became our very own Emiway Bantai. The rapper who raps in Hindi and has the whole industry in awe with his witty remarks. He has won the hearts of millions with his Hindi raps with trendy and catchy statements. And had everyone inspired with a song concerning the ongoing pandemic Coronavirus. He titled the track Khatam Karona.

Emiway through his raps, not just entertains the masses but also tries to give many lessons and noteworthy remarks.

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People know him as Yo Yo Honey Singh. His Punjabi raps with party songs made youths go crazy for him. Honey Singh disappeared from the limelight for a few years but made a bashing comeback with many songs like Loka, which was an instant hit.

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Honey Singh has a huge fan following and crazy fans. He is a fantastic rapper who knows perfectly well how to make people high on music. He became the brand of music, and nothing could stop his rising stardom. Right from Blue Eyes to Lungi dance or be it Love Dose, he just did it right.

Tell us who is your favorite rapper, Emiway Bantai or Honey Singh.

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