Here’s Katy Perry was called out by the netizens for her ‘comic strip character’ remark toward an American Idol contestant, read

Katy Perry gets called out by netizens for her remark ‘comic strip character’ toward an American Idol Contestant, watch 789012

Katy Perry, one of the leading pop stars from Hollywood, is currently making headlines all across but for all the wrong reasons. The star was caught at the auditions of American Idol, where she can be seen passing on disparaging and rude remarks toward an American Idol Contestant, Sara Beth.

Sara Beth, who is a mother and is all a mum of three came to the audition and was honest about her opinion and point of view regarding winning American Idol. However, soon after this, Katy Perry gave out a strong and honest reaction to her without sugar-coating it. While Katy was at it, many found it extremely rude.

Katy Perry was heard saying, in the clip “Feel like a comic strip character just came to life. Look, if it’s not your dream, it’s not going to go far. Because I also respect everyone that’s walking through the door who will lay down their life for his golden ticket, you know?”

Soon after the clip got surfaced online, netizens found Katy Perry’s remark quite harsh and negative and took no time to call out the singer in the comments.

One wrote, “That nervous laugh she gives when Katy keeps making jokes at her. I laugh the same way when I am nervous or when I want to cry when someone is mocking me.”

Another commented, “Protect this mamma at all costs. It makes me sad how they treated her most of the time. And let the lady sing, stop screaming at her while she’s at it ? she’s unique and so much better then a lot of other contestants, just because she didn’t tell a huge sob story and begged for opportunity they tried to put her down. I don’t get it.”

Another user wrote, “She was honest and she got ripped for it… as a mom we get so caught up in our kid’s lives we forget about our own aspirations. The judges should have been more understanding of that”

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