Check Out Katy Perry's latest picture in a gold metallic bralette with a long skirt for USA Art Gala, have a look

Katy Perry Goes Gold In Metallic Bralette With Long Skirt For G’day Art Gala

Katy Perry is well-known for her outstanding singing and songwriting abilities and flawless sense of style! Over the years, the artist has become a fashion icon in Hollywood. Katy can pull off a wacky, out-there costume and a seductive one.

Katy Perry, the gorgeous American singer, has worked tirelessly to become the music industry’s biggest star. Her style is as popular as her songs. The diva’s fashion sense has always made headlines. Without a doubt, she has fashion like no other. Recently, she donned a gold metallic bralette with a long skirt, have a look to see her outfit.

Katy Perry’s Picture Appearance

Katy Perry looked incredible in a gold metallic sleeveless bralette and a matching colored long skirt. Katy wore her hair in a tight bun with a center part and one loose side flix. She completes her look with pale gold earrings, basic bangles, and a diamond ring. She applied brown lipstick on her bare face. In the first image, she stands, looks up, and strikes a stance for the camera. In the second image, she is backless and delivers an intense glance at the camera.

In the third video, Katy and Miranda greet each other in their trademark way and have a good time doing it. Katy and Miranda pose for photographers during the USA Art Gala. Miranda looked stunning in a strapless white bodycon dress. Katy Perry was shown in full costume in the video. Miranda is seen singing the song in the following video. In the video, Katy Perry delivers a speech during the 20th Anniversary of the G’day Art Gala.

In the previous video, Katy Perry, Miranda, and others are having a good time and performing a song on stage. Katy Perry captioned her post, “i loved celebrating my fav Aussie Aussie Aussie (oi oi oi!) & sister from another mister @mirandakerr the other night @gdayusa Art’s Gala. congrats on the honor, I love our modern family & I love @koraorganics Turmeric Glow Moisturizer so much i dressed like it Also thank u for introducing me to celery juice I just thought they were those veg stick things I stir me Bloody Mary’s with .”