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A comparison that is done by everyone as to who is better between Kishore Kumar and Mohammed Rafi

Kishore Kumar Vs Mohammed Rafi: Who Is Your Favorite Bollywood Music Artist?

When there are two amazing influential singers in the industry, there is always a comparison done between the two. Who is the better one? Who can sing better and who is people’s favorite? But deep down, we all are aware that there can be no comparison done as two are different and competent in their way.

And so we have made one such connection between two singers of different times tell us who you prefer more. Mohammed Rafi and Kishore Kumar’s contrast has been going on for decades.

When talking about Kishore Kumar, the first thing to come in mind is he was naturally talented, and singing and acting came naturally to him without much experience. He has an aura surrounding him that attracted people towards him, he made a considerable contribution to the musical industry singing for greatest superstars.

Kishore Kumar was famous and had an enormous fan following him. Also, he was a multi-talented heartthrob in the industry. He could sing in both feminines as well as masculine voice. Kishore da taught us many valuable lessons through his songs.

The man to be believed to have been gifted with a voice by god’s is Mohammed Rafi. He was India’s singer of the Millennium. His voice influenced many aspiring singers. Rafi saheb is known for his immense contribution forever genre from romantic to sad, patriotic to devotional as well as songs for street vendors.

Why Mohammed Rafi was preferred more was because he could fit into the voice of any actor. And so it seemed realistic. He shaped his voice to match the style of every actor. He has sung for numerous actors in the industry. Significant of his songs were the reason why a few of the actors got fame.

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Who is your favorite singer between the two? Kishore Kumar or Mohammed Rafi.

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