Kishore Kumar or Mohammed Rafi, vote for the most versatile king in the music industry

Kishore Kumar VS Mohammed Rafi: Which Singer Brought More Versatility To Music?

Over the years, one comparison that the music industry could never get over is who is better among Mohammed Rafi and Kishore Kumar. There have been numerous doubts and speculations on who is the best and many others. But if we look at the two artists differently, both were legendary and had a way of their own to impress the public.

Mohammed Rafi was the person who had the audience in his grasp with his masterpiece of romance, sad as well as ghazals and qawwali. He held the audience mesmerized with his unique style. His voice was the major contributor in making musical history in the 90s and brought a considerable change.

On the other hand, Kishore Kumar was more energetic, fun-loving, and his songs were mostly filled with passion and enthusiasm. During the 70s, Kishore Kumar gained his prominence and became a massive star. There will be no other such undertrained and self-taught artists like him. And hence, the vocal range was never a barrier for him.

Who, according to you, has sung a significant number of versatile tracks and is the singer with substantial vocal range? Mohammed Rafi or Kishore Kumar. Vote Now.

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