How much do you think you know of the guy who made our 90s remarkable, Kumar Sanu is beyond comparison

Are you a Kumar Sanu fan? Take this test.

The person to have given us perfect songs to get emotionally nostalgic on is Kumar Sanu.
Kumar Sanu was the best Bollywood music industry could ever have. He was known as the Melody King and is one of the finest gems ever known. A child of 90s listening to Saanson Ki Zaroorat Hai Jaise or Dil Hai Ki Maanta Nahin will surely agree Kumar Sanu was the best.

If you are a die-hard fan of Kumar Sanu take a test to see how much you know…

1. What is the birth date of Kumar Sanu?
2. What is the real name of Kumar Sanu?
3. What was his breakthrough song?
4. Which song from 1942: A Love Story got him Filmfare Award?
5. How many songs has he sung to date?
6. In 24 hours how many songs did he manage to sing making it the Guinness World Record?
7. Which civilian award was presented to him by the government for India?

Did you get all your answers correct? Well, you are a true Kumar Sanu fan!

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