Kumar Sanu was the epitome of 90s singing

Kumar Sanu- The singer who ruled the roost in the 90s

If you know who Kumar Sanu is, truly your childhood might have been great. He is the guy whose songs were inevitable and filled with perfection. Music is something that each person can relate to. And Kumar Sanu has the touch to his voice that would make you feel linked to each of his songs you listen to. Be it filled with love, sadness, anything, he can do the magic.

Kumar Sanu was the epitome of the 90s with his singing. He was crowned the king of 90s Bollywood music. He holds the Guinness World Record of recording 28 songs in a day, isn’t that incredible? Also, there was another record for back-to-back Filmfare awards from 1991 to 1995, breaking the most consecutive wins record.

The remake of the song Aankh Maarey from Simmba had the lines ‘Kumar Sanu Ke awaaz mein’, and indeed, the part might have gotten goosebumps to many of the listeners. His songs from the 90s keep us reminding why he was an amazing singer and got the glory as no other singer would ever get. He was a true ruler of the 90s Bollywood music industry. Here are some of his everlasting songs.

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