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Why is Sonu Nigam consider to be a great singer? Here's your answer

What Makes Sonu Nigam A Good Singer?

Sonu Nigam started at a very young age. And being fortunate enough to have had his first public performance alongside his father singing Kya Hua Tera Wada. He is also compared and considered to be Modern Rafi.

Sonu Nigam has sung over 2000 songs in about ten different languages and became one of the highest-paid singers in the Indian music industry. He received his first break for the movie Janam in 1990 but sad to say the film wasn’t released. Later, Gulshan Kumar’s Odia song Achha Sila Diya Tumne became a superhit and that is how Sonu came into limelight.

There are numerous other iconic tracks by Sonu Nigam. Those tracks are the answer to your question, why is he a great singer? If you listen to his songs like Saathiya and Soniyo, they get just one word in praise that is spectacular. The song Sandese Aate Hain gained him new fame altogether. The song is sung for our soldiers and how heartbreaking it is to be away from one’s family.

And his song like Yeh Dil from film Pardes was remarkable along with title track for Kal Ho Na Ho. And not to miss his iconic ghazal for the movie Main Hoon Na, Tumse Milke Dilka Jo Haal.

Sonu Nigam has given us many songs to last a decade, and each of the songs is impressive hits, making him one of the greatest singers.

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