A time when Mohammed Rafi sang for Kishore Kumar

When Mohammed Rafi Became A Playback Singer For Kishore Kumar

The duo that has always been compared to who has had the best voice Mohammed Rafi and Kishore Kumar the two legendary singers of the industry also have worked together giving us a number of perfect vocals to remember by.

It was known that both Mohammed Rafi and Kishore Kumar had unique God-given extraordinary voice that gave memorable songs and mesmerized the people all over the country, as well as the world they were the two vital players of Hindi film music without whom in the cinema and music, was unthinkable of.

Together both Mohammed Rafi and Kishore Kumar have worked in different ways. They have sung almost 30 songs and Mohammed Rafi also got to sing for Kishore Kumar in one of his movies.

Mohammed Rafi got to sing for Kishore Kumar’s song Man Mora Baawara for the movie Raagini. Also other movies like Baagi, Shehzaada, and Shararat where Kishore Kumar was an actor. They were a perfect fit and have given us many amazing songs to last a lifetime.

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