The duo Mohammed Rafi and Kishore Kumar brought magic to the music industry

Mohammed Rafi-Kishore Kumar: The Musical Duo That Changed The Definition Of Music

If we were asked who enhanced and changed the whole music industry bringing in a significant transformation then Mohammed Rafi, and Kishore Kumar, would be the two names that would come to our minds besides a few notable others. Mohammed Rafi and Kishore Kumar were the two priceless and timeless gems of the music industry.

Mohammed Rafi left us four decades back, but his songs still hum in our hearts. From morning to evening, every member of the family loves to listen to him sing. His tracks will always be overwhelming and close to our hearts. Likewise, another great singer to have brought a massive change in the industry was Kishore Kumar. His songs were a significant recognition and change in the music industry. His paradoxical personal life was interwoven with his professional career and produced some of the greatest songs to be remembered.

Mohammed Rafi was a significant influence on the music industry. He has sung the majority of his tracks with another legend Lata Mangeshkar. They created and made a vast musical culture for the Bollywood music industry. There is no comparison for the works of Mohammed Rafi in the field of music.

Kishore Kumar created a new brand of music with his voice and vigor. He was a great voice who impacted and brought significant changes to the music industry. He has sung songs that were romantic, sad, happy, comedy, lonely, and more. It is no secret that Kishore Kumar put his whole life and soul into the track every time he has sung one.

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