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Between Mohammed Rafi and Kishore Kumar, who has the best vocals?

Mohammed Rafi VS Kishore Kumar: Which Indian Male Singer Has The Best Voice?

There has been constant comparison done between Mohammed Rafi and Kishore Kumar for decades. People have always been asking the question of who is better than the other. Everyone has a different answer because not everyone has the same preference. Both Kishore Kumar and Mohammed Rafi were an integral part of shaping the Bollywood music industry.

Mohammed Rafi started his music training by imitating the fakirs and later took training from KL Saigal and others. He had his voice influenced by KL Saigal for quite some time. He has sung songs in several languages, and his songs were of all types. During the Golden era, Mohammed Rafi had a very flourishing career with thousands of hit tracks.

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Kishore Kumar stole the limelight from Mohammed Rafi during the 70s with Mere Sapnon Ki Raani and Roop Tera Mastana. Kishore Kumar had no formal training in music and was self-taught. Initially, with the help of his brother Ashok Kumar, he became an actor. But Kishore da had his heart in music and so started perusing music as his choice and became a hit singer. There are thousands of tracks sung by him; they are incredible and amazing.

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Who was the best singer of Indian cinema between Mohammed Rafi and Kishore Kumar?

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