Who is the one to evoke true feelings listening to him sing? Mohammed Rafi, Kishore Kumar or Mukesh

Mohammed Rafi Vs Kishore Kumar Vs Mukesh: Which Singer Brings Out The Inner Feelings Of The Listener?

Blessed with three Anmol ratan Mohammed Rafi, Kishore Kumar, and Mukesh, Bollywood had some real precious gems in its court. Today we have hundreds of singers. But no others could ever match the level of these three valued singers. They had a voice that can never be recreated. The music industry lost all these three spectacular artists at a young age. But surely they left a significant mark on the town. To date, their songs are being celebrated.

The trio not just gave us some fantastic songs, but also taught us many lessons. They were mentors for us through their tracks. They are teaching numerous lessons through dull yet heavy tracks. For example, Mohammed Rafi taught us how not everyone keeps their promises as well as the uncertainty of the world. Kishore Kumar went on to explain life as a pleasant journey to take unexpected turns. As for Mukesh one lives and dies here, which meant there is no other heaven or hell, but everything is here on Earth, and one gets what he deserves.

Mohammed Rafi, Mukesh, and Kishore Kumar all legendary singers were popular and loved by the masses but had distinctive voice and style. Everyone differed from one another as chalk and cheese. But one thing that was common amongst them was to evoke numerous feelings through their melodious voice.

Who amongst the trio managed to get their voice close to your hearts and evoke certain feelings? Mohammed Rafi or Kishore Kumar or Mukesh.

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