Who is your favorite artist Mohammed Rafi or Sonu Nigam

Mohammed Rafi Vs Sonu Nigam: Pick Your Favourite Bollywood Singer?

Mohammed Rafi was a fabulous singer in the music industry. People believed that he was blessed with the voice of the gods. He started emulating fakirs at a very young age and later became a well-established singer of the country. His songs had a range of shades to it from peppy numbers to romantic and sad songs as well as patriotic, bhajans, qawwalis, and others.

Mohammed Rafi has given us numerous memorable hits that are till date popular even after years of its release.
Sonu Nigam also reflected Mohammed Rafi’s voice. Sonu Nigam is one of the highest-paid Indian singers, and he is also called as Modern Rafi. At the age of 4, he started singing and had his first gig alongside his father was also Mohammed Rafi’s song. He is no doubt one hell of a singer and a piece of work.

From Deewana to Lahmhon Ke, Sonu Nigam has given many chartbusters. Be it romantic or heartbreak, to patriotic or ghazal, it is under his name. His classical touch to the music will stay alive forever. And will never be lost with the changing times.

Who is your favorite singer between the two? Though they belong to different eras, both have made a significant contribution in their times.

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