Today’s generation needs more of Sonu Nigam's voice.

Why we need to hear more of Sonu Nigam’s songs

Today, with rising technology and auto-tuning, what we have lost is originality in the song. The essence of perfection is lost in a world full of mechanical music. Don’t you agree? Sonu Nigam was the one who came into Bollywood when classical music still had a true essence and natural element to it. He took the industry by storm and was also compared to Rafi and was nicknamed Modern Rafi.

There was a time when Bollywood music, as well as lyrics, had some meaning to it. And that was the music we grew up listening to. And that is what Sonu Nigam gave us which no other present artist can ever make. He surely made us Deewana for music as if Kal Ho Na Ho. He is a great singer and has not just sung in Hindi but also given a shot for Bengali, Oriya, Tamil, Punjabi, Marathi and many more. A great versatile singer of all time.

Give Sonu Nigam a song from any genre, be it as difficult and complicated, and he will have his way with it, not just making it a cakewalk but also a hit. It was at the age of 4 when he performed on stage with his father, Agam Kumar, that made him find his love for music. He is very gentle and kind at heart and a humble guy. Once he dressed in rags and was not at all recognizable, he went on the street and was singing songs. His voice just knows how to do perfect justice to each of his songs. He steps into the character as if it is he himself. From love to party to spiritual, he has sung it all.

Sonu Nigam has given us music to last a lifetime. He is truly a king when it comes to music and after so many years, we still can’t get enough and would love to see more of Sonu Nigam soon. Don’t you agree on the same?

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