We are going to talk about the two prominent singers in the music industry. Vote for the one who has the majority of social media following among Neha Kakkar and Tulsi Kumar

Neha Kakkar VS Tulsi Kumar: Which Singer Has More Social Media Following?

Presently, the two influential women singers to have made a considerable mark in the music industry with their mellifluous vocal are Neha Kakkar and Tulsi Kumar.

Neha Kakkar started her career from singing Second Hand Jawani and started being in the media attention for major hit tracks. Followed by Sunny Sunny, London Thumakda, and many more, she has genuinely attracted some genuine crazy fans. With a cute dimple smile, she is all set to be the new queen of the music industry. And looking at some of her major back-to-back hits, it is no wonder she will succeed in gaining the crown.

Neha Kakkar has a tremendous fan following on numerous social media platforms. Because of her vigorous voice, people are indeed crazy for her, and millions adore her.

Tulsi Kumar is another one to have charmed the audience with her voice. She started her career from singing for the film Chup Chup Ke. But real fame and glory came her way when she sang the iconic track for the movie Once Upon A Time In Mumbai, Tum Jo Aaye. The song was not just blockbuster hit but also got Tulsi into the limelight. Later, she went on to release some more great vocals that were well appreciated by the audience as well.

A large crowd has followed Tulsi Kumar in millions for her mesmerizing voice. She has been a crowd-pleaser, and her voice being immaculate has gathered millions of fans across her social media pages.

Who, according to you, has a significant number of fan following on their social media? Neha Kakkar or Tulsi Kumar. Vote Now.

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