Sonu Nigam has become a necessity of the Bollywood music industry and we all miss him

Sonu Nigam: The Indian Singer with a soothing voice

Sonu Nigam is a name that was on every tongue during the early 2000s. He used to be the voice of the nation and is highly compared to Mohammed Rafi, so much so that he was nicknamed Modern Rafi and Lord of Chords. He has a unique style to his singing and the moment the humming gets to your ears, you are all wondering what a talented personality he is.

There is no male singer to beat Sonu Nigam. And his songs will never go out of tune, that is for sure. He has a bit of Rafi style to his singing and expresses beautifully through his singing. He is a great versatile singer and has sung songs in several vocal shades. That is what makes him more antique. Because of his classical touch, his songs are evergreen and more soothing to listen.

Sonu Nigam is a voice that had no filter and is all original with his voice. All his songs are true examples of his versatility. Making you cry to smile is how his magic works. He can make you cry with Kal Ho Na Ho, can make you laugh with Kaha Raja Bhoj Kaha Gangu Teli, and can also get you all patriotic with Sandese Aate Hain.

Sonu Nigam is truly a singer full of talent in him and is loved by all.

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