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Sonu Nigam's perfect 90s melody that will make your day better

Sonu Nigam’s Best Bollywood Songs of the ’90s

Sonu Nigam is called the Lord of Chords as well as Modern Rafi. His voice is so amazing that he is believed to be the next living legend. He started singing at a very young age. And being fortunate enough to have had his first public performance alongside his father singing Kya Hua Tera Wada. Mohammed Rafi profoundly influenced Sonu’s voice.

Sonu Nigam has made an enormous contribution to singing over 2000 songs in about ten different languages and was one of the highest-paid singers in the Indian music industry. He received his first Bollywood debut for the movie Janam in 1990 but sad to say the film wasn’t released. Later, Gulshan Kumar’s Odia song Achha Sila Diya Tumne was his superhit and that is how Sonu came into the media attention.

Sonu Nigam’s songs are perfect and will be immortal. He has sung tracks that have been embedded with hundreds of different emotions. And it is indeed a considerable achievement for Sonu to have millions of fans crazy for him. Every track by him hits a different note altogether and is an amazing one. Be it a romantic ballad, sad slopy music, high rated pumping numbers, patriotic song or Ghazals and Bhajans. He truly has a way of getting into the hearts of the masses.

Here are some of Sonu Nigam’s 90s hit tracks that will make your day bright.

Yello Yaro Hego, Jeevanadhi

Cheluve Eke Bande, Majnu

Titanic Heroin, Snehaloka

Sonu Nigam has given us many songs to last a decade, and each of the songs is impressive hits. They are making him one of the greatest singers.

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