The Modern Rafi, Sonu Nigam is one hell of a singer in today’s times

Sonu Nigam’s Memorable tracks From Deewana To In Lamhon Ke

Sonu Nigam is the one not scared to experiment with his songs and has sung almost everything. Be it romantic or heartbreak, to patriotic or ghazal, he has it under his name. His first break was the Gulshan Kumar film Bewafa Sanam. And later, after working for Sharukh Khan’s Pardes, he had his climb towards success and there was no looking back. A true melody king for generations to come.

Sonu Nigam has given our generation a great number of melodies and so from Deewana to Lahmhon Ke, we have it all under here. Tell us which is your favorite Sonu’s track.
1. Sandese Aate Hai
A song that gave fame to the whole country. From the movie Border. A song that was for a soldier who is early waiting for letters from his loved ones. The song is a true blessing.

2. Deewana Tera
One of his first hit albums. Through this, Sonu Nigam was a name found on everyone’s tip of the tongue. After years of this song still, it has the same joy and freshness to it as it was when first released.

3. Saathiya
A song where Sonu reunited with AR Rahman. The song was not easy to make. It had difficult lyrics but Sonu being Sonu managed to make the song child’s play. And the song to date is a hit and a much-loved one.

4. Tumse Milke
The movie, as well as the song, was a super hit. From the movie Main Hoon Na, the song was majorly qawwali based, but Sonu had the song under his grasp and turned it into an instant hit.

5. Satrangi Re
Talking about Sonu Nigam, this song is hard to miss. The madness and passion through the voice of Sonu made this track a great number. The voice will manage to melt your heart. A blissful combination of lyrics.

Sonu Nigam has the power to move the heavens with his voice. Tell us which of his heavenly vocals is your favorite?

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