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The rise and shine story of rapper Yo Yo Honey Singh

The success story of Bollywood rapper Yo Yo Honey Singh

The guy who introduced us to rapping, there were rappers before that but Yo Yo Honey Singh gave a true definition to what rapping is in India.

Honey Singh was a perfect trace of super talented success. He had the whole nation in his grasp with his raps. His songs made people roll their sleeves and pull their lungis and party all night. Honey Singh knew just right how to make people high on music. He became the brand of music and nothing could stop his rising stardom.

Right from Blue Eyes to Lungi dance or be it Love Dose he just did it right. Let’s get to roots of who exactly was Yo Yo Honey Singh and how he got so successful.

Coming from a Sikh Punjabi family, Honey Singh learned his music from Trinity School from the United Kingdom. He then started working as a music composer and producer. He was awarded several awards. And one of his and Diljit Dosanjh’s song Lak 28 Kudi Da was at the top number 1 position of BBC Asian Download Charts in 2011. Honey Singh’s album International Villager is the highest-grossing Punjabi album to date.

Honey Singh’s Bollywood debut and later his hits made him a music celebrity. His songs like Lungi Dance and Aata Maji Satakli were major hits among the audience. After that, he just made a brand out of himself. Whichever song has Honey Singh’s name to it was an instant hit. There was a sudden disappearance of Honey Singh for two years and later he got back on track to rock the party.

Love Honey Singh or hate him, he’s the one who’s songs will start your actual party. Because he is Yo Yo Honey Singh!

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