Check out Red Velvet Wendy's songs that will blow your mind; here are top 4 songs of her, have a look

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Red Velvet is a South Korean girl group formed in 2014 under the direction of SM Entertainment. Red Velvet is noted for its distinct musical style, which incorporates pop, R&B, funk, and electronic dance music (EDM) elements. In addition, members of Red Velvet are also noted for their solo activities in the acting, hosting, and modeling sectors. They have received various prizes and distinctions during their career, including multiple music awards, and have a big fan base in South Korea and worldwide.

Wendy, real name Son Seung-wan, is a South Korean singer and Red Velvet girl group member. Wendy of Red Velvet has been regarded as one of the greatest vocalists to grace the K-Pop world since her debut. However, despite her fame, Wendy’s vocal abilities regularly exceed everyone’s expectations, particularly regarding her song covers.

Check Out Her Best Top 4 Songs –

Speak Now

Nobody will ever forget the music cover that began it all. While there is other footage of Wendy singing in school choirs and glee groups before her debut, this cover of Taylor Swift’s “Speak Now” was the first fans heard of Wendy’s unique style when she formally joined the SMRookies pre-debut group. Thanks to her skilled guitar accompaniment, Wendy’s “Speak Now” cover is still lauded by fans today.

Everybody Hurts Sometimes

Wendy covered this song as part of her appearance on Yu Huiyeol’s Sketchbook during Red Velvet’s “Umpah Umpah” promotions, and it earned a lot of attention, even from Pixie Lott herself.


Wendy may be Red Velvet’s primary vocalist, but it didn’t stop her from covering a song by one of the game’s most well-known rappers. Wendy has the opportunity to showcase both her rapping and vocal abilities on this cover. Before, her rap abilities were buried in the backup vocals of Red Velvet songs like “Ice Cream Cake” and “Dumb Dumb.” In addition, Wendy’s perfect English pronunciation astounded listeners once again.


Wendy’s “Shallow” performance, one of Lady Gaga’s biggest singles, must be included on our list. While we admire and respect Red Velvet’s lead vocalist’s innumerable covers, “Shallow” hits a new note!

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