It’s been only some time that Ravi Shastri has quit his term as the Head Coach of the Indian cricket team and he’s already in the spotlight for reasons not related to cricket. A few days ago, in an interview, R. Ashwin said that he felt ‘crushed’ after Kuldeep Yadav was called the ‘Number 1 overseas spinner’ by Ravi.

Reacting to the same, Ravi, during a conversation with The Indian Express was quoted as saying,

“Ashwin did not play the Test in Sydney and Kuldeep bowled well. So it’s fair I give Kuldeep a chance. If that hurt Ashwin, I am very happy. It made him do something different. My job is not to butter everyone’s toast. My job is to state facts without agenda. The way Ashwin bowled in 2019 and the way he has bowled in 2021 is chalk and cheese. About throwing Ashwin under the bus, he need not worry because I had told the bus driver to stop 2-3 feet short. The message to Ashwin in 2018 was that he had to be fit. He has worked on that and look how’s bowling now. He’s world-class.”

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