Know the latest about Lionel Messi and what's happening at his end

Shocking: Lionel Messi receives death threat from gunmen who opened fire at in-laws’ supermarket, all details inside

Lionel Messi is one of the finest and most loved footballers that we have in the world at present. He’s a living legend in the true and genuine sense of the term and well, that’s why, football lovers all over the globe shower him with a lot of love and appreciation all the time. Be it during International football appearances for Argentina or for his club appearances for teams like Barcelona FC and PSG, he’s been doing a terrific job for real. For the longest time, Lionel Messi has achieved all of it except the FIFA World Cup title. Well, in 2022, he even managed to win that title and make all his fans and admirers all over the globe super happy. This time however, a really shocking and sad update is coming from his end.

As per the latest media reports in WION, Lionel Messi has received death threats from gunmen. Reports in the media reveal that the threats have come from the same gunmen who opened fire at his in-laws’supermarket. Police said two men on a motorcycle fired at least a dozen shots at the supermarket in the early hours, and left a message on a piece of carboard that read,

“Messi, we’re waiting for you. Javkin is also a drug trafficker so he won’t take care of you.”

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