The dapper football icon is always ready to make a fashion statement

Amazing Fashion Quotient by Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo is a Portuguese footballer who played for Manchester United. Cristiano is not only known as a top player in the world but also for his fashion statements. The icon is the most expensive player and has been named the FIFA player of the year (Ballon D’or) five times. The reliable footballer is also one of the top players to score goals any moment.

Ronaldo remains to be one of the humble players despite his lavish lifestyle which is a virtue that his fans love him about him. Ronaldo makes a statement on and off the field. His techniques in the field to score goals are always talked about. His off-field fashion statements have always made him in the spotlight. The footballer is known for his chiseled face and modeling for Armani and other huge brands.

The dapper footballer remains down-to-earth despite his luxury. He makes everything he wears a fashion statement. Every look trends on social media and his fans gush over his gorgeous looks. The man can kill everyone with just his smile. The heartthrob knows how to make every look sexy.

Ronaldo is one of the charming, good looking and humble players, the package if we must. Ronaldo scores goals on the field and off the field flexes his looks. He remains to be one of the most glamorous footballers of the modern era. His style sets him apart from the rest. One of the most skilled footballers in our era is also the hottest one. The fans are always ready to gush over this heartthrob. The fashion slayer knows how to steal our hearts.

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