Lionel Messi opens up on the penalty he missed against Poland, here read to know what he said

“Because I knew that a goal could change the whole match”, Lionel Messi reacts to his missed penalty against Poland

Lionel Messi contends that the late Diego Maradona would indeed be “delighted” after Argentina made its way to the World Cup last 16 with a 2-0 triumph over Poland. He further reacted to the fact that he missed a penalty against Poland, on a positive note.

He said, “I learned it recently, I didn’t know it. It’s a pleasure to be able to continue to achieve these kinds of records. I think Diego would be super happy for me because he always showed me a lot of affection, he was always happy when things went well for me,”

He further added that he is happy with the match, even though he missed the penalty. He said, “We achieved our first objective, which was to get out of the group after starting the way we did (a shock 2-1 loss against Saudi Arabia),”

He further continued, “I was really frustrated to have missed the penalty because I knew that a goal could change the whole match, that it makes you play in a different way. But I think that from the penalty I missed, the team came out stronger.”

Messi also mentioned how the situation is getting brighter every day for the team for the future, “After the first goal, everything went our way. We started doing again what we had been trying to do since the start of the World Cup, but which we hadn’t been able to achieve for various reasons. “Having been able to do it today, it gives us confidence for the future.”

He concluded, “We know that now everything will be complicated. That whoever the opponent, it will be complicated. We have seen recently, at our own expense, that any opponent can play a good game and win.” As quoted by NDTV.

Source – NDTV