Glenn Maxwell is a brilliant all-rounder. Been there throughout the seasons, he is one of the destructive batsmen in the team. A great fielder and with his spin-off, he can be heavy competition to the rest. Maxwell has a great fan following in India and he is one of the most charming cricketers. The middle batsman in the order, he makes the mark to score as many runs as he can.
KL Rahul is the captain of the team and he has led the charts of the team off the roof. His opening combinations with his team set a massive score. He is always trying for the orange cap in every season. He is the upcoming sensation of the team. A guide to the team, they depend on him to set the bar high for every match. Watching him play makes all his fans gush over him. He is an all-rounder and is always ready to fight it out on the field.
The two cricketers bring a lot on the table and the team depends on both. The all-rounders have a knack of the game. Maxwell is ready to score runs and leave a mark on the field. Rahul with his opener’s excellence sets an undefeatable score. Both play like a champion for the team. It would be difficult to choose who the real hero is when they always play like champions.