The two opening batsmen are making their mark in cricket and it is quite hard to choose who the most attacking T20 opener is. Who would you choose the most attacking T2O opener?

KL Rahul vs Jason Roy: The Most Attacking T20 Opener

KL Rahul is becoming one of the finest players of the Indian Cricket team. He is growing to become the next big thing. He is one of the popular batsmen and a huge asset to the team. Watching him play makes all the fans gush over him. Rahul is an all-rounder to the team and is turning out to be here for the long haul. His aura makes him set apart from the rest. The opening batsman of the team and has always stuck out for the team. His rankings have gone up and that is enough proof for his success.

On the other side, Jason Roy plays for the England cricket team and he smashes the game. He is one of the best choices made in the team. Jason is called the Lion of Cricket. He plays like a beast on the field and as the opener; he makes enough runs for his team. The team is reliant on him for a good opening and he roars on the field.

The two openers attack the field and own the stadium. They are young and have a long way to go but their popularity has established themselves as already the best. The All-rounder v/s the Lion, quite the rivalry. The openers are here for the long haul for their teams and it is going to be interesting to see who the best opener is. It is quite hard to choose who the most attacking player is when both have excelled tremendously. Choose your pick.


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