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The battle between KL Rahul and Joe Butler with their wicket-keeping skills is a difficult situation. Who would be the player you would choose for the playing 11?

KL Rahul vs Jos Buttler: Your First Choice Wicket Keeper For Your Playing 11

KL Rahul has become one of the finest players in the Indian Cricket Team. A huge asset to the team, he is the big thing right now. He is one of the reckoned batsmen in the country but a great wicket-keeper as well which is quite underrated. The player has been a victim of scandals only to make him more popular. An all-rounder, if we must, he is quite the show to watch. His speed of stumping and aura in the game, he is in for the long haul.

Joseph Buttler is the vice-captain of the England cricket team and has created a name for himself in international cricket. A right-handed batsman as well as a wicket-keeper which is quite a dangerous combination. He holds the record for the fastest ODI century and regarded as one of the best wicket-keepers in the field. Buttler has a stronghold on strategies and to score. He has been labeled as the ‘360-degree’ cricketer. A knack for wicket-keeping, he is quite the asset for the England team.

Both players having a stronghold on their strengths and weaknesses are quite the rivalry on who is the best wicket-keeper for the playing 11. Each at the top of their games in cricket, they have established themselves as reliable assets to the team. The decision is hard to make when both of them are talented and have a knack of doing their best at what they do. The fans are in frenzy as well as to who would be the first choice. The choice is tricky because both of them are strong-headed good looking men who have the game in their hands. The choice is hard to make when the playing 11 is limited for the boys.

Who is your favourite let us know in comments.

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