Check out the best-ever fielding moments in the cricket history by Suresh Raina!

Suresh Raina And His Best Fielding Moments

Other than batting and bowling, one more thing that’s vital in cricket is fielding. International cricket has seen some brilliant batsmen and bowlers in history. But there are very few fielders. Suresh Raina, the Indian professional cricketer is a phenomenon player. He has mastered all the three skills- batting, bowling, and fielding. He has got a very aggressive and destructive left-handed middle-order batting style, with the off-spin style of bowling. Although, Raina has been seen bowling occasionally on the field. But, when talking about fielding, it’s really hard to escape from his hands. Suresh Raina is one of the best fielders in cricket history.

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Suresh Raina has put a lot of effort into each and every catch. He is a good speculator and that adds a plus point to his fielding skills. His aerobatic catches, observing skills, and speed is what enables him to catch a ball, without dropping it. He has got a lot of incredible fielding moments on the cricket grounds. It was the 2017 3rd Twenty20 match between India and England. It was a very tough situation. Ben Stokes was there in the field with the bat in his hand. He stroked the ball towards the boundaries. Raina was there at the post, and when he saw the ball, he ran towards it. He caught the ball almost near the borderline. Raina was about to cross the boundary line, but he saved himself. He balanced himself and made the catch successful.

There are more such instances of best fielding moments by Suresh Raina in the cricket history. Which one is yours?

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