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Andrew Symonds vs Harbhajan Singh: The Rivalry We Loved Watching

The international cricket has witnessed some biggest rivalries ever – not in the case of teams, but also in the case of players too. India and Australia are the two strong teams ever in world cricket. They have encountered each other for a number of times. Andrew Symonds and Harbhajan Singh, are two biggest rivalries of each other, who did create headlines, whenever their team clashed.

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Harbhajan Singh, the Indian international cricketer, and Andrew Symonds, the past Australian cricketer and the member of the two-time World Cup-winning squad, were the greatest players of that time. The two players have also got stuck in a big controversy. One can never forget the incident when Harbhajan Singh accused Andrew Symonds as a “monkey”, during the second test match at Sydney cricket ground in 2008. The “Monkeygate” scandal was one of the biggest controversies of that year, which led to the ban of Harbhajan from several tournaments – both domestic and international. But later Symonds claimed that he did apologize to him for the mistake, and hence they were seen in the Indian Premier League (IPL), playing together in 2011.

Harbhajan made a great comeback to international cricket later on. The controversies were ended, and the players got into good terms. The Indian spinner and the Australian all-rounder are still regarded as one of the biggest rivalries in world cricket history. It will be a great enthusiastic moment to see them again in the field, competing with each other.
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