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Here are a few personal details about the Argentine footballer, Lionel Messi

Click Now to Dive Deep and Know More About Lionel Messi’s Personal Life

Often considered the best player in the world and widely regarded as one of the greatest players of all time, Messi has won a record six Ballon d’Or awards and a record six European Golden Shoes. The Barcelona star’s perfect game techniques and calm composure have made him an opposition’s worst nightmare. Messi achieved these accolades by continuously performing to a ridiculously high standard. Having said that, he is an introvert and a reserved individual. Here are some details about his personal life:

Messi grew up in a family where the game of football was adored. Recognizably smaller than most of the kids in his age group, Messi was diagnosed by doctors as suffering from a hormone deficiency that restricted his growth. The Argentine footballer began his relationship with his wife who he had known since the age of 5, at the age of 20. They got married in Rosario, in 2017. They gave birth to their first son Thiago in 2012, their second Mateo in 2015 and last Ciro in 2018. The legendary football is currently based in Barcelona and lives in a luxurious mansion with his wife and kids. Lionel Messi doesn’t have any outsider to manage his publicity or be his agent. It is done by his immediate family. Messi’s father has been his agent since the age of 14, while his elder brother manages his daily schedule and publicity, his mother and brother, Matias runs his charitable organization.

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