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The IPL craze has already begun and fans are all hyped up

Indian Premiere League: The League We Eagerly Wait For Throughout the Year

With every IPL season, the fans get geared up to watch. BCCI recently declared that due to Novel Corona Virus (COVID-19), IPL is to be postponed from March 29 to April 15. The news was not taken well by the fans that have been waiting to watch their favourite teams play. The delay is a precautionary measure doing this global pandemic.

Cricket is religion in India, everyone knows. But IPL is altogether an event that brings all international teams at one place. The eight teams have been gearing up for this tournament. The captains are all set to bring the trophy home. All the fans have taken their distress to social media to address the delay and excitement.

The fans took to social media to share their excitement about IPL 2020. The return of Dhoni in IPL is the one that has gone viral. All the fanbases of the team are already hyped up. They have taken social media to start the rivalry and guesses on who is going to take the trophy home. Everyone is so hyped up for this season but the corona-pocalypse has been a downpour already.

The fans have been making memes on IPL 2020 already. The tournament hasn’t even started is already trending everywhere. The season of fans cheering on their favourite teams and hyping their favourite cricketers is one that is awaited. IPL brings a lot of sentiments of bringing families together hyping up for their favourites.

The teams are training hard all day and have taken this virus to focus on their health and get back to IPL stronger and better. The rivalry between the teams for the IPL started from the beginning of the year when the auction ended.

The IPL hype is all over the year from the auction to the winner being declared. The excitement never gets old. Are you all geared up for the new season?

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