Ever since the Indian Premier League has commenced, it has allowed many international players to play in India for different franchises. The people supporting and following those franchises are also supporting those International players and some of them have become very special to the Indian public. Kieron Pollard and Chris Gayle are two among many other players who are dearly adored by Indian cricket fans.

Kieron Pollard started his IPL journey in 2010 and this IPL season he was overwhelmed to finish 150 matches for the Mumbai franchise. He has been a very important member of Mumbai Indians and just like every other explosive batsman, he has the ability to change the face of the match by hitting super long sixes. The audience loves watching him take on bowlers with his immense power. Not just that, but he has a very unique sense of humour which allows him to always do funny instincts on the ground and entertain the crowd. He certainly puts on a show and is loved by any Indian, however, Chris Gayle is loved by more people in India.

Chris Gayle is one of the funniest cricketers in the world. There’s not a single match where Gayle hasn’t made the people laugh in it. Just like Pollard, he too is adorned for his Six-hitting capacity. Fans are always on their toe when there is a match involving Chris Gayle in it. He was earlier a part of the RCB team where he gained most of his fan following from India playing side-by-side with Captain Kohli. He now plays for Kings Eleven Punjab and even this IPL season he put on a perfectly entertaining show for his Indian fans.