Check out the reasons why cricket is called the gentleman’s game!

Reasons Cricket Is Called The Gentleman’s Game

There are so many sports, all around the world. But out of all of them, cricket is called the “gentleman’s game.” But, why? There are so many sports like football, chess, hockey, golf, etc. None of them have been termed as a “gentleman’s game”. There are many cricket fans who can validate the term really well with their views. There is no certain reason to call it a “gentleman’s game”, but there are many. Some say it for teamwork, whereas some say it for fair play, or some say it for the positive spirit of the cricketers. But what are exactly the reasons behind it?

Cricket solely started in the mid-19th century when the sport was introduced among the elite classes. Even though it originated in the 17th century, it was still new to them. Cricket gained its popularity gradually when the elite classes started playing it. But the term changed with the context. Cricket has covered various aspects of the field, from fielding to batting. Teamwork also plays an important role in the game. Cricket has perfectly defined the term sportsmanship really well. It is often seen that the players are reaching out to the opposition when they require help.

There are many more reasons why cricket is called a “gentleman’s game”. What do you think? Comment down your opinion here! Tell us why do you think that cricket is the gentleman’s game!

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