Women’s cricket isn’t the same as it used to be and the recent T20 World Cup proved the same…

Reasons Why We Feel The Need Of Women’s IPL

Gone are the days when women’s cricket was more like a slower version of the men’s game. The game is now fast-paced and competitive and with time it will undoubtedly improve and thus making a strong case for women’s IPL to being. The recent T20 world cup in Australia was living proof of women’s cricket abilities at the moment and how high and hard they can hit the ball. The boring, slow-paced matches have turned into nail-biting ones.

The kind of bowling displayed by a few women cricketers would give quite a competition to men. During the world cup, the spin bowling on view was of the very highest standard in the women’s T20 matches. The standard of batting has been top-notch. Sixes close to or more than 70 meters, hits that would have cleared the rope in most men’s IPL contests were easily hit by Harmanpreet Smriti Mandana and Shafali Verma. Indian women’s cricket sensation believes that for the future generation of cricketers this would be a huge development. It serves as an aspiration for each of them. All of a sudden they will have something seriously good to look up to. A women’s IPL means a lot many more opportunities. There is recognition, television broadcast, the chance to play with the very best in the world and of course the monetary rewards that follow.  A full-fledged IPL will only help this development and speed things up.

The time is absolutely ripe for the women’s IPL!

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