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Here is the diet and workout regime Harbhajan Singh follows to stay fit as ever...

REVEALED! Harbhajan Singh’s Diet And Workout Routine

Harbhajan Singh, commonly known as Harbhajan or simply Bhajji or Bhajju Pa, is an Indian international cricketer, who plays all forms of the game cricket. At his best, Harbhajan was pure matchwinner – not only did he cause damage with the ball and occasionally with his big-hitting but also got into the skins of the opposition quite a lot of times. Harbhajan Singh who has been giving major fitness goals and here is his workout routine and his diet.

Being a sportsperson, he is naturally inclined towards fitness and likes to regularly keep himself involved in workouts and meditation. He puts in at least two hours a day at the gym with a focus on cardio, strength, balance, flexibility and agility drills. He does pranayama to calm himself. He has an urge to keep fit and active and so never skips his workout. Being an Indian, Harbhajan Singh likes to eat Indian food with a simple high protein intake to complement his fitness regime. He prefers paneer or dal with parathas accompanied by yoghurt and fruits for breakfast. He has around 2-3 cups of milk in a day. For lunch and dinner, he prefers some curry and veggies with rotis. He swears by fresh fruits as they give the required sugars in their natural form. Harbhajan Singh refrains from eating rice to avoid unnecessary intake of carbohydrates. Apart from that, he supplements his diet with nutritional aids like proteins if required.

Well, if you want to be fit like him, it’s never late to begin.

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