Suresh Raina posted a video of his little one playing on the seashore

Suresh Raina shares a throwback video of his daughter Gracia

Typical left-hander’s elegance, power game and a fine temperament were the hallmark of Suresh Raina, the batsman and he exhibited it beautifully every single time. If the pandemic didn’t break out, he would have been smashing runs for the Chennai Super Kings during the 13th season of IPL. However, due to the pandemic, the league is postponed indefinitely and hence Suresh Raina has been reflecting on the things in past. He had shared pictures with his family whilst on vacation when there was fear of contracting the deadly virus.

Recently he shared a video of his daughter Gracia Raina playing on the beach in the sand and having a great time in the outdoors. The little one can be seen running on the sand here and there and playing with her beach toys. The cricketer has been expressing his gratitude via various posts for having the chance to roam around freely without any restrictions. The pandemic has changed everything and there won’t be a choice other than adapting to the conditions. With summers already here and all travel plans suspended indefinitely and with no IPL happening, Suresh Raina has taken time to go down the memory lane. Lockdown is forcing us all to go down the memory lane & cherish things we were once allowed to do without any restrictions. Well, we all should be grateful for past opportunities and also be hopeful for a better future.

Take a look at the video Suresh Raina shared.


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