KL Rahul has made his name with his marvellous batting strategies. He has also played a crucial role in making the Indian team win with his high scores.

Times When KL Rahul Played A Vital Role In High Scoring Games

KL Rahul is one of the outstanding Indian crickets of all time. He has made his debuts in ODIs, Tests and T20s. He has a batting average of 47.6 in ODIs and 34.6 in Tests. He scored an average of 45.6 in his T20 series. His consistency and stability in batting have made him a brilliant player. KL’s batting techniques and strategies are marvellous. He is one of the players whose talent has proven himself in front of everyone. He is an outstanding opening batsman that the Indian Cricket team has ever created to date. Apart from his skillful and mind-blowing right-hand batting skills, he is also a great wicket-keeper.

Rahul has been responsible for making the Indian team with his highest scores a lot of times. His top score is 199 in the Test match with England in 2016, held at Chennai. It is followed by the 158 runs for the team in the innings with West Indies in 2016. Then the Test matches with England again in 2018. India would have lost the match to England if he weren’t there. He entered the field in 2/3 and made the team win with a chase of 464.

These were the times he played a really great role in the win of the Indian team. There are many more matches where he took the team forward to the victory gate.

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