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Check out the moment when CR7 flipped the entire game with his goal!

Top Game-Changing Performances By One and Only Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo, also known as CR7, is a world-class footballer in international football history. The Portuguese footballer has created some remarkable moments in his lifetime. One can never debate on his skills, especially when it comes to dribbling. He can easily win a match with magic in his legs, and sharp brain. He has a record of the highest number on goals of 128 in the UEFA Champions League. He is enough to make a team win with his strategies. He has played for teams like Manchester United, Real Madrid, and Juventus, to date. Every time he got down on the field, he always made a remarkable moment. CR7 has the ability to flip the entire game on his own.

Here are his top game-changing moments from football history.

1.      In the Copa Del Ray Final 2011, Real Madrid vs Barcelona match, Ronaldo was constantly been playing out of position. But, after 70 minutes of the match, he ended a match with a header which Barca couldn’t defend. This was one of the epic goals that he made at the last moment.

2.      In the UEFA Champions League Quarter Finals 2015, Real Madrid vs Atletico Madrid, Ronaldo made several attempts to make a goal. But when all failed, he made a defense-breaking run and kicked the ball. He made the goal at the 88th minute of the match which changed the entire situation.

3.      In La Liga 2012, Real Madrid vs Barcelona 2012, he literally kicked the ball from the middle of the field which made the team win against Barca.

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