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See the moments from the international cricket history, when the opponent team showed respect to the best knocks!

Watch Video! Opposite Team Showing Respect To Best Knocks

Rivalries indulging in fights have been a common thing in cricket. There have been many incidents when the players got involved in aggressive chaos and sometimes disrespecting others, maybe through sledding. But a true sportsman is who respects each other, no matter what even if they are the biggest rivalries of each other. International cricket has witnessed some respectful moments too. Not only between the two friendly teams but also between the two rivalries. We have seen many teams congratulating each other after the match. But very few have been seen respecting the knocks of the opponent players.

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No matter how much the teams are competitive, the sportsman spirit should always be maintained. And such instances have been noticed in the international grounds, a lot of time. Even there have been several respectful moments between the teams like Pakistan and India. Many Indian players have been praised by the Pakistani cricketers for their excellency in the fields, and vice versa. But, one can never forget the most respectful moment ever in World Cup history. It was the 2019 World Cup match between West Indies and New Zealand. The two teams were competitive and resulted in a super over. West Indies needed six from seven balls. Carlos Braithwaite, the West Indies player stroke a six towards the boundary but it was caught by Kane Williamson, the New Zealand skipper. The knock was no doubt a brilliant one. After a few moments, Williamson approached the disappointed Braithwaite and praised him for the knock.

There are more such moments in International cricket history. Watch this video to know more!

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