Yukti Kapoor thanks her stars for Agnifera

Agnifera has been a blessing in my career: Yukti Kapoor

Bubbly beauty Yukti Kapoor is thankful to her stars for blessing her with an amazing show and star cast.

The actress, who has been enchanting audience with her character Ragini in &TV’s Agnifera, says that the daily is like a blessing in her life.

She adds, “I am a happy soul now as I am loved by the audience. I am glad and have no regrets as I have earned fame, financially too I am satisfied. I got many shades to play in this particular show. Agnifera has been a blessing in my career.”

Yukti feels the series has also been a learning experience for her.

“I have learnt a lot as a lead debutant in the series. I have evolved as an actor. Now, I understand many aspects of the acting profile which I was not aware of earlier.”

Talking about the difficulty faced during the show, she shares, “The most difficult part was that I am feminine and the character is a total tomboy. I had to learn few nuances of a tomboy girl’s personality. It has been a challenge for me. I thank my producer, director and co-actors for being patient with me.”

Yukti believes that Ragini’s daring nature connects her with fans. “The fearless factor of Ragini is what I would love to adapt in myself. I think that is the one thing that connect audience to my character. Although, she is a strong girl but she has a pure soul,” ends the lovely actress.

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