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Drama galore in Sony TV

Alexander’s cruelty on Persian people in Porus

Sony Entertainment Television’s Porus (Swastik Pictures) which is grabbing eyeballs with its amazing onscreen storytelling.

The recent episodes witnessed Porus (Laksh), Laachi (Suhani Dhanki), Ambikumar, Hasti and Vishuddhi in disguise in the city of Persia.

Viewers will also see Alexander (Rohit Purohit) donning the crown of Persia and will be seen commanding everyone to believe that he is their God. He will also force the people to kiss his feet and the ones who don’t follow his orders will be executed.

Puru who is in Persia will witness the people suffering from his atrocities .

Will Porus save the people from Alexander’s havoc? Will Puru and Alexander come face to face?

We buzzed the actors but they remained unavailable for a comment.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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