Gaurav Chopraa is not all disappointed with the run of his  fantasy Zee TV show Aghori. The limited Essel Vision production was initially penciled for about 40 odd episodes, but it is now being wound up in 30.

“We are now shooting the last three episodes and to be honest I have had blast.  As  an actor I am having the best time of my life shifting between totally  opposite characters across both web (Love, Lust and Confusion) and TV  (Aghori),” says Gaurav to

He adds, “Even within the same character Advick has undergone a sea change. Now with him coming to know the true colors of his Guru, Rudranath (Paras Tyagi), he is now hell bent to save his girl Kamaikshi (Simran Kaur).”

Point out the low ratings and he says, “You need to acknowledge that Sunday 9.30pm is non-fiction time with biggies like The Kapil Sharma and others as competition, so it was always an uphill task. Originally we were supposed to be at 8 pm but then were put in very tough 9.30 pm slot.  While I will not it call a wrong decision, yet it did affect our numbers.  Having said that, whoever have watched the show have loved it.”

Could the story not have been at least taken the full initial forty episodes run?

“I don’t want to dwell too much on call beyond our domain, suffice to say that the story has really peaked at the right time.  As an actor getting so much to do which normally never happens on desi tube. I have always believed that is better to bow out a high, rather than being asked to go.”

In closing Gaurav, whose next MX Player show Hello Mini will be out next month, says, “Given the way the Aghori story is climaxing there could be space for season 2.  I am getting very good feedback on social media regarding the last few episodes, so there is enough appetite for a possible sequel. But no promises as final calls are taken by Zee TV honchos alone.”