Agnifera truly showcases my acting abilities: Ayyaz Ahmed

Ayyaz Ahmed talks about his role in the &TV show.

Agnifera truly showcases my acting abilities: Ayyaz Ahmed

Good-looking actor Ayyaz Ahmed is quite excited about his anti-hero avatar in the &TV show, Agnifera (R&R Creation). He entered the show in March this year, opposite Simran Kaur. The main leads of the show are Ankit Gera and Yukti Kapoor.

Says Ayyaz, “I give full credit to my Producer Ravi Raj, who was a director before, for having curated such a powerful character.”

“I am enjoying the negative stint better than positive, for here, you have much more to do. I can improvise a lot with my dialogues and mannerisms without the fear of offending the audiences, as they anyways have to hate me,” he adds.

Going on, Ayyaz who started off with Roadies, says, “It feels nice when your hard work is appreciated, not only by the fans, but by your peers as well. Both Debina Bonnerjee and Ratan Rajput, with whom I had worked with in my last show, Santoshi Ma, have been impressed by the growth in my graph. They were pleasantly surprised that I could pull off such a dark character after playing positive in the above socio-mytho. Even my current co-star, Yutki, said the same thing.”

“I am finally getting an opportunity that showcases my true acting abilities. Till now, my skill sets were not fully exploited, e.g. showing my comic abilities. Agreed the script is good, but a true actor does add his own take,” the actor exclaims.

Ayyaz also has no fears about being typecast as a baddie. “I have always attempted to try out different characters, be it the tapori Raghu in Do Dil…Ek Jaan, or the gay in Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan. I have been lucky to have worked with great creative people, who, seeing the spark in me, let me fulfill my wish of always trying to break the mould.”

He does not deny the possibility of his character having a change of heart. “TV is dynamic and you can’t be stuck in one graph.”

Besides acting, Ayyaz is also a budding poet; he is in the process of compiling his collections. “Unfortunately, that process is now on hold for I don’t have time, as, for the moment, Agnifera is taking away my heart and passion. We are really shooting a lot.”

Way to go, Ayyaz!!


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