Actress Madalsa Sharma who is presently seen in the Star Plus show Anupamaa, in the role of Kavya Shah believes in being her honest self in all situations that she faces. She is a happy and contented person and this gives her all the positivity that she needs in life. Also, she is vocal about balancing life well.

Says Madalsa, “I am very grateful and content where I am in my life and that’s all that matters. Whenever you hear someone saying I’m so busy, I have no time, it’s always an excuse to avoid people. We always have time for ourselves no matter how busy we get.”

“We live in a digital age, and start our day by looking at our phones. If you see, all of us are just going with the trend of life itself. The solution is always one word, which is balance. If we make an effort to balance everything in our lives, even our minds and thoughts will reach a place of balance.”

Madalsa who essays the role of Kavya Vanraj Shah in Star Plus’ Anupamaa is shooting for the track wherein love is back in the lives of Kavya and Vanraj. Kavya’s pregnancy has brought them together again. Her pairing with actor Sudhanshu Pandey in the show is being appreciated a lot.

Well said, Madalsa!!

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