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The lady is confident of a big splash in Bollywood...

As an artist, I want to push the boundaries: Ragini Khanna

After displaying her wares effectively on the small screen, talented actor Ragini Khanna is making one more attempt to rock the Box Office with a dark thriller titled Gurgaon.   IndianWikiMedia caught up with Ragini for a quick chat on what she feels about the above project which hits the theaters on 4th August. Read on…

Tell us something about your character?

I play a Paris returned architect Preet, who is much more about sub text then the spoken word.  She is a very beautiful character, much more closer to me than any other character I have essayed before. It was quite challenging for I had to poke into my own darkness for a period of 40 or 50 days.

Do small films really stand a chance these days at the Box Office?

An artist should be more concerned about his role. Factors like marketing, release pattern are beyond our control, these are the domain of the producer.  And at end of the day every film has its own destiny. There is no sure shot formula of success.  Who would have thought that  Sasural Genda Phool would rake in huge numbers at the then dead 7.30 slot ? So we need to trust our calling.


Our film is based on pure content. Good story telling, great direction and yes, superb performances. Co stars Akshay Oberoi, Pankaj Tripathy, and Aamir Bashir are too good. It was really fun working with them all for they push you to raise the bar. Last but not the least,   we have a cooperative production house which has given good hits over the years.

You had taken break from TV for films?

It was not a deliberate break, it just that did not get anything juicy.  At the moment I am looking at films with good directors something like a love story.  Dailies are not high on my wish list for they take too much time.

What is your take on the new age digital medium?

Web offers an alternate to those who are not satisfied with the guidelines of TV.  It appeals to more urban audience. The arrival of biggies like Amazon and Netflix has thrown up lots of work which is good for all concerned. I reiterate again that here too eventually good content alone reigns supreme, i.e. Permanent Roommates (TVF).

Looking ahead, what kind of characters would you want to play with?

I get turned off when casting director tell me the character is just like you i. e.  sweet bubbly gal.  As an artist I want to push the boundaries. The reason for saying yes to the project is that it allowed me to challenge the actor within.  Sadly, most of the times we become victims of our image and have to live with it. I always like to challenge myself back in the day, Suhana (Sasural Genda Phool) was not your typical sweet bahu having her own mind, yet she won acclaim.  Similarly when I played a guy in Bhaskar Bharati most feared that I would be typecast again.

How well do you think Gurgaon would do at the ticket window?

I am quite sure of success for our film budget is designed in such a way that the producer will not lose money, rather will surely benefit.   Also the film is good, today the audiences are very discerning, they go on word of mouth for the price of tickets and food in multiplex is quite steep. Hence a lot of attention is paid to giving a truly cinematic experience to the viewers. I request my fans to do check out Gurgaon in the theaters, promise you it will be worth your while.

We wish the film success!!!

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