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Meiyang Chang is geared up as anchor for the EPIC India Quiz Challenge. Read details.

Being the quiz master is a different kettle of fish: Meiyang Chang

Epic Channel is all set to launch a new quiz show, EPIC India Quiz Challenge, for class 5-8 students.

Host Meiyang Chang, who has anchored several reality shows (IPL 2 and Rising Star), says, “Being a quiz master is a different kettle of fish, for you really need to brush up your knowledge, and since most GEC reality shows require hosts to resort to buffoonery and naughtiness, you will see a different, grounded Chang here.”

“The best thing about the quiz format is that it hooks the audience, even though they don’t get any rewards or prizes, apart from the contestants, who obviously have a lot at stake.”

“Today, kids are well informed and very confident as well. One kid who was asked jokingly to take my place in one show kept needling me throughout in good humour,” added Chang.

Talking about KBC, which is the father of all quiz shows, Chang says, “Nothing can beat the potent combination of Amitabh Bachchan and Siddharth Basu (producer). The Big B’s language and persona is the primary reason that it goes well beyond the normal quiz audience of kids and cramming college students.”

“It was never about money as well. Having said that, the booty did change the life of several KBC hot seaters. What they did with it is another question altogether.”

Point out that Epic does not boast of great GRP numbers, and this singer (Indian Idol 3), host and actor (Bharat) says, “That is something which the channel can answer.”

“I personally feel that although Epic is niche, it is not a lifestyle channel. There is some great content (shows hosted by Mahesh Bhatt and Javed Akhtar), only if it can reach the correct audience. Epic India Quiz Challenge is one such endeavor to broad base our reach.”

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